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At Mickey’s Pet Supplies you will find high quality pet supplies and healthy all natural pet products at great prices! We are dedicated to providing sourced and made in USA dog and cat products. We are concerned pet parents ourselves and know how much the safety of your pets mean. We have done over 9 years of research and only carry made in USA or Canadian dog food and treats. Our Free Raised Pet bully sticks are sourced in Argentina, a country that has only the best beef raised free-range, grass fed without any hormones or antibiotics. We also have the largest selection of made in USA dog and cat toys of any store.

Support our American workers and buy American made pet supplies. They may cost more, but we have to keep our manufacturing here, paying more to our workers. We also support small local Florida companies.

Our team of animal lovers, dog trainers, and owners cares about our customers and the pets they love. Our family wishes only the best for your fur family. We go out of our way to provide an exceptional personal shopping experience. Mickey’s is dedicated to stocking the healthiest, highest quality pet supplies that leave the smallest carbon footprint.

Ann Shevin, President

Tips & Advice

What are Bully Sticks for Dogs?

What are bully sticks? Bully sticks are made from the pizzle or penis of a bull. Bully sticks are made by dehydrating the reproductive organ of an already slaughtered beef bull...

Why Do Dogs Like To Chew?

It’s a natural behavior for a dog to chew. The instinct to chew is embedded in a dog’s DNA, due to its history as a hunter...

Wholesome Hide Rawhide-Made in USA Dog Chews

When looking for a safe, all natural, 100 Percent Sourced and Made in USA rawhide- Choose Wholesome Hide Made in USA Certified...

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dog chews

"This toy is very cute & stands up to puppies chewing & rough playing!"
Tina LeTang

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