Bully Sticks for Dogs: A Safe and Healthy Dog Chew

We offer the largest selection of all natural, odor free bully sticks. Choose from 6 inch to 12 inch lengths. If you have a big dog, you will definitely want our Gigantic bully sticks. These are the biggest bully sticks available and are very hard to come by. Bully sticks for dogs are a 100% natural product packed with nutrients and are available in multiple styles and sizes to satisfy any size dog.

Mickey’s Pet Supplies is committed to selling the highest quality bully sticks for puppies. Additionally, no artificial colors, flavors or preservatives are contained in the bully sticks making them safe for your dog to ingest! Our bully sticks are not bleached like some companies. We do not believe that bleach is safe for your dog, so there will be some residual odor, especially when wet. They also help maintain your dog’s oral health by preventing plaque and tartar buildup of the teeth. Bully sticks for dogs are a low fat treat dogs love, and owners love giving!