Cat Toys

At Mickey’s we are partial to all pets, but we love our cats! We have 2 cats of our own and have always had cats so we only carry cat toys that our own cats love and we trust.

Our cats' favorite toys are the Yeowww! catnip toys, GoCat toys and the Rosie Rat Collection. Our cats go nuts over the Yeowww! Banana & Pineapple. Yeowww! puts the best of only organic catnip leaves so they have an irresistible aroma.

GoCats are such great interactive cat toys especially the cat wands. The Go Cat Sparkler Teaser Wand is one of several fun wands designed to delight your cat's senses while sparking their natural hunting instincts with a safe, interactive outlet.  Your cat will also be entertained for awhile with one of the short or long haired mice.

You can't go wrong with a Rosie Rat either but you may always be looking for where your cat has put her!