Zymox Pet Spray with .5% Hydrocortizone 2 oz.

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ZYMOX hot spot spray for dogs and cats promotes relief from itching, allergies and hot spots. It contains 0.5% Hydrocortisone to calm irritated skin and aloe vera to soothe redness and inflammation.

Our anti-itch spray for dogs and cats also soothes skin wounds and infections. The no-sting formula with the ZYMOX patented LP3 Enzyme System aids recovery from skin infections caused by germs, fungi and yeast.

ZYMOX Spray is Ideal for use on:

  • Skin bumps and pustules
  • Red, irritated or inflamed skin
  • Itchy skin
  • Red, discoloured paws, irritated by licking
  • Red, bald patches, often irritated by licking
  • Wounds and cuts
  • Infected skin
  • Hot spots

ZYMOX Spray is simple to use - spray onto the affected area once or twice a day, for up to seven days. There’s no need to further upset your pet by cleaning their painful, irritated skin beforehand, just spray the area for effective relief.

Because ZYMOX hot spot spray for dogs and cats only contains safe, gentle and non-toxic ingredients, it’s safe if your inquisitive pet licks the application site.

The ZYMOX patented LP3 Enzyme System is effective on a broad spectrum of germs, fungi and yeasts that cause skin problems.

Enzymes are naturally-occurring proteins, and the LP3 Enzyme System from ZYMOX helps destroy microorganisms without attacking healthy cells or irritating the skin. Enzymes don’t develop a resistance to microbes and will continue to work for your pet when they need them.

There’s no need to pre-clean sore areas first. Simply spray without cleaning. The enzymes react with organic matter within the skin helping to manage infections and hot spots.