Spot Doc & Philly Roll-A-Treat Dispenser

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Roll-A-Treat can be used with treats or food and even spreadable treats in the paw print cap. Dogs are happier when they get to use their senses and not just eat from a bowl. The Roll-A-Treat gives dogs the challenge of sniffing out their food and working for that higher reward. They just roll it about and food comes out!

This also works great for cats!

  • Roll about and treats fall out
  • Can be used as a treat dispenser or as a slow feeder
  • Cap screws off for loading and cleaning
  • Three rods inside to divert food or treats
  • BPA Free. Hand wash with soap and warm water
  • Imported

How does it work?

Decrease Anxiety
Extended periods of boredom are proven to be a cause of anxiety. Help your dog's anxiety by giving them a job. Soothe your dog's soul by feeding their senses.

Curb Destruction
The need to chew is normal. But when dogs become destructive, they are expressing signs of anxiety and frustration. A dog's emotions are soothed when they use their senses to work for food.

Mental Stimulation
With nothing to do all day life gets pretty boring. Working for a reward stimulates a dog's mind and makes them happy. Your dog will easily use their nose or paw to move the Roll-A-Treat around to get their reward!

Nose Work
Dogs were bred to sniff. Their send of smell is around 10,000-100,000 times better than ours (depending on the breed). It's how they interact with the world. Feed this need by putting Roll-A-Treat in new and tricky places, like under a box, and watch your dog come to life. Hide multiple Roll-A-Treats to increase the challenge!