Benebone Bacon Wishbone - Small

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The Benebone Wishbone is our flagship bone. Since dogs don’t have thumbs, why not give them Benebone Bacon Flavored Wishbone Dog Chew. This isn't your dog's average chew toy. It is made in the USA from durable nylon and real USA-sourced bacon throughout, the ergonomic wishbone will keep your dog chewing with delight! Each prong has deep flavor grooves to keep him interested and the unique, paw-friendly shape makes gripping extra easy. As if that wasn't enough, with your purchase you'll also be supporting animal welfare nationwide as a portion of all Benebone sales are donated to animal support organizations!hew that you can pick up and they can’t? With real bacon flavor infused all the way through, your dog’s wish is coming true. Dog-Friendly Design - Last time we checked, dogs don't have thumbs. Our wishbone chew is cleverly designed so your pup can get a good chew going

  • REAL BACON! - We use only 100% REAL BACON for flavor. Trust us, dogs can tell the difference
  • Made in the USA - We are fully committed to Made in USA, including packaging, tooling, and all material and ingredient sourcing. We proudly manufacture our products in New York.
  • Small size recommended for dogs 30lbs and under
  • Measures 5.3 x 3.8 inches
  • Delivers a wag-worthy flavor from real bacon that's fused all the way through the chew.