SureGrip Dual-End Toothbrush

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These quality toothbrushes make it easy to brush large or small tooth surfaces Slightly curved shape and angled heads allow for easy reach to back molar areas Gentle bristles help clear away plaque and build-up while also ensuring comfort for your dog or cat. Dishwasher safe for easy disinfecting.
Brush measures 9"
SureGrip Dual-End Toothbrush
  • Dual bristle size adapts to small and large tooth surfaces
  • Helps remove plaque and food debris
  • Ultra-soft bristles for gentle application
  • Dishwasher safe for easy disinfecting
  • More Information:
    Periodontal disease affects 85% of adult dogs and cats. This can lead to pain, bad breath and tooth loss. Even worse, chronic oral infection can spread harmful bacteria to other parts of the body, including the lungs, heart, liver and kidneys. Fortunately most periodontal disease is preventable through a program of oral hygiene and regular professional care. Of course, just as it is for us, toothbrushing is the best method of ensuring that our pets will enjoy good dental health. Daily brushing with toothpaste and a toothbrush provides the very best in home dental care for your dog or cat.