Wholesome Hide Rawhide - Made in USA Rawhide

Mickey's USA Collagen Chews Rawhide Alternative

Rawhide dog chews are very popular treats for dogs. Natural rawhide chews promote a dog’s natural chewing instinct, can help reduce stress and clean plaque and tartar from a dog’s mouth. Mickey’s Pet Supplies offers the highest quality American made rawhide bones on the market.

Note: Our rawhide  and Collagen ones will all vary in color, thickness and texture as all cows are unique and have different thickness of hides and coloring. These are all ALL Natural product.

Wholesome Hide has discontinued making their bones due to availability of the US hides needed to make them due to Covid and the effect on the meat packing industry and the Collagen industry. We still have 9-10 inch rolls, Bacon in a blanket rolls, 4-5 inch knots and 4 inch donuts.

Check out our Lennox USA rawhide 8-9 inch knotted bones, 9-10 inch retriever rolls and our USA sourced Collagen chews.