Made in USA Rawhide


Rawhide dog chews are very popular treats for dogs. Natural rawhide chews promote a dog’s natural chewing instinct, can help reduce stress and clean plaque and tartar from a dog’s mouth. Mickey’s Pet Supplies offers the highest quality American made rawhide bones on the market.

Note: Our rawhide and Collagen bones will all vary in color, thickness and texture as all cows are unique and have different thickness of hides and coloring. These are all ALL Natural product.

Tasman's Natural Angus and Bison Rawhides are made from USA free range bison and Angus cattle. Their rawhide chews are made without chemicals, hormones or additives.

Wholesome Hide is no longer in business. 

Shop for our new Rawhide Alternative from Frankly Pet. They are fully sourced and made in the USAm

USA sourced Collagen chews.