Frankly Pet USA Collagen Chews For Dogs

What are collagen chews for dogs made of?

They are made from the beef corium. It is the inner layer of cow skin closest to the muscle. This area is much more elastic than the top layer of skin.

Are Collagen chews digestible?

They are highly digestible. Unlike rawhide, that is made from the outer layer of skin, this layer of the skin is very digestible and is converted into peptides and amino acids. It is converted, easily broken down and absorbed into the body.


Frankly Pet USA Collagen Chews are sourced from US cattle and produced in Wisconsin.

They are never chemically treated and fully traceable to their source. 

These are a great beef chew for your dog.

All products are BRC certified and have a AA rating- the highest you can achieve.

The Collagen chews are a multi-functional treat that is great for your dog's skin, coat & digestion. Chewing our collagen chews will help break down up to 70% of the plaque in your dog's mouth. 

They are a natural supplement for joint support, proving 85% protein and are a natural source of glucosamine and chondroitin.

Made without any chemicals or preservatives, they are a most natural product.

What is Collagen?  Beef corium collagen is the layer of raw material on top of the muscle meat in cattle. It is split off from the other raw material, washed in filtered water, trimmed, hand-crafted and gently dried.

How digestible are Frankly Pet Collagen Chews? The beef corium collagen used in their chews and treats can easily be broken down by digestive enzymes and stomach acids.