Yeowww! Catnip Purrr!-Muda Triangle Cat Toy

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Yeowww! Purrmuda Triangle Catnip Toys are 100% stuffed to the brim with organically grown catnip. These 3" x 1 x 3" toys come in three bright fun colors: green, pink and yellow. Choose your color.
Made in USA
Yeowww! Purrmuda Triangle Catnip Cat Toy

  • Filled to the brim with Organic Catnip
  • Made in USA
  • Made with the most potent catnip buds available
  • Organic catnip-means free of chemicals or pesticides
More Information:
What is so special about Yeowww catnip toys for cats? Duckyworld has worked with private farmers to obtain only the finest Organically Grown catnip in the world. No chemicals or pesticidess are used in the growing process. Only the strongest part--the bud-- of the catnip plant are harvested and used in Yeowww cat toys. That means your cat is getting the most potent catnip toys available! They don't use cotton fillers, plastic or any other cheap filler material in their products. These catnip toys are stuffed to the maximum fullness with only the organic catnip buds.Great toy for all ages especially appealing to older cats who like to lay around and bat at their toys. All organic and extremely potent