Rocky Mountain Elk Antler Large Split

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Straight from deep in the Rocky Mountains, these elk antlers are fresh, thick and sure to please your dog with a tasty thick marrow that is exposed. These are really good and thick sized antlers that are cut in half to expose the marrow. They measure 8-9 inches in length. Elk antlers are the longest lasting chews available on the market. These naturally shed antlers won't splinter like other hard chews, and they're great for healthy teeth and gums. 100% natural, no preservatives-These are made for the toughest of chewers. Elk Antlers dog chews are a great source of vitamins and minerals. They provide over forty natural nutrients that promote strong bones and joints. These long lasting natural dog chews do not splinter. The best part they are naturally shed elk antlers from free-range Rocky Mountain elk.

Size: Large Split
You receive one half of an antler

We recommend this size for dogs 45-80 lbs.
Rocky mountain elk antler Large Split

  • 100% Natural-No preservatives
  • Recommended for dogs 45-80 lbs.
  • For the toughest chewers
  • Longest lasting dog chew on the market!
More Information:
Please match the size of your dog wit the proper size antler chew to prevent a choking hazard. Also, as with any chew or toy, always supervise your dog. These natural antler chews are very hard and can break teeth if your dog works them too aggressively. Once the chew is small enough that your dog could possibly try to swallow it, replace with a new one.