Pet Greens Garden Wheat Grass Self-Grow Kit

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Pet Greens Garden-Grow your own luscious, healthy, organic wheat grass- Greens- right out of the bag. No green thumb required!

  • 100% certified organic wheat grass
  • Contains only the finest quality seed in custom-blended soil to enhance nutrients and flavor
  • Grows in 7-10 days
  • Unlike most self-grow kits, Pet Greens Garden is developed for all pets ,not just for cats
  • Safe alternative to potentially harmful houseplants and chemically treated outside grasses

Pet Greens Garden by Bell Rock Growers contains 1 seed packet and 1 planter with growing medium Add water right in the pouch and watch your wheat grass garden grow. Recommended Uses: Cats :: Place by feeding bowl or window as a healthy alternative to potentially harmful houseplants. Dogs :: Add fine clippings to wet or dry food as a nutrient-packed alternative to chemically treated lawn grass. Birds :: Place near perch for a tasty pruning and juicing treat. Reptiles and small animals :: Add fine clippings to feeding bowl for a powerful source of calcium and antioxidant vitamins

More Information:
Grass is chlorophyll rich and contains a higher concentration of enzymes, anti-oxidants,vitamins, minerals and amino acids than almost any other food. Research suggests it can increase longevity of your pets, increase the size of litters, decrease infant mortality, and improve both the quantity and quality of mother's milk. Wheat grass has the highest amount of any of the grasses. Cats and dogs seek out grass to maintain health or recovery from an injury. Any animal could survive on grass. Outdoor grass is hybridized, treated with chemicals and unsafe most of the time, for your cats or dogs to eat. Indoor pets turn to our houseplants for that much needed green that they crave. Houseplants can be toxic for your pets. Bell Rock Growers Pet Greens Garden is the perfect solution to provide the much needed balance of greens that should be added to your dog or cats protein-rich diet.