Mickey's USA Thick Bully Stick 12 inch- 10 Pk

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Note: There is a nationwide shortage of USA sourced bully sticks. We have only a few left in stock. 

Mickey's USA Thick bully stick 12 inch. This bully stick is sourced and produced in the USA and is almost odorless. They are sometimes lightly smoked. Our bully sticks do not contain chemicals or preservatives. They are vertically dried and then baked for a high quality, almost odor free bully stick. Our bully sticks are not bleached like some companies. We do not believe that bleach is safe for your dog, so there will be some residual odor, especially when wet.

All of our bully sticks are graded by weight. We are the only company that does this.

Available as single, 10 or 25 pack. The denser a bully stick is, the longer it will take your dog to chew through it. They really are a great value and a very long lasting, almost odorless bully stick. Perfect for a medium to large size dog.
Mickey's free range USA thick size bully stick 12" (pack of 10)

  • From USA Cattle
  • Vertically air-dried and baked to eliminate odor
  • No chemical additives
  • No bleach used in processing for a safe bully stick
  • 95% Odor Free Dog Chew
More Information:
Mickey's Bully Sticks- Made in USA- Thick size are at least 30% larger than our regular size bully stick