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Go Cat Kitty Kopter feather cat toy

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Kitty Kopter by Go Cat is a cat toy with three feathers are attached to a wooden bead and fuzzy pom ball so it is weighted at the bottom so that when it is thrown, it twirls with a motion. This bird like toy is sure to kick your cat's prey drive into high gear! This cat toy is great for your new cat or kitten. Colors may vary Fun Bonding Exercise for cats Tantalizing Feathers add Intrigue for your cat Satisfies your cat or kitten's need to Bond! This cat feather toy let's your cat exercise her hunting needs!
Kitty Kopter by Go Cat
  • Great cat feather toy that will keep your cat entertained for hours
  • Made in USA
  • Great plume of feathers
  • Twirls when thrown
  • More Information:
    Let your cat go wild with her natural instinct of hunting with this feather bird-like cat toy