Go Cat Wild Thing Teaser Wand

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The Go Cat Toys Wild Thing Teaser Wand is Pheasant tail feathers and natural, un-dyed hackle feathers attached to an 18" PVC rod. Go Cat Teaser Wands are available in several different colorful styles that your cat will love! Each teaser, from feather to sparkler, is guaranteed to dazzle your kitty and put an end to kitty boredom. Check out all of the different Go Cat Teasers to chose from and watch your kitty go from tame to playful in an instant. Colors may vary. Satisfies your cat or kitten's need to Bond! Spend time teasing your cat or kitten by letting your cat satisfy its need to exercise hunting needs. Made in USA
Go Cat Toys Wild Thing Teaser Wand

  • 18" PVC Rod
  • Made in USA
  • Made of Enticing Pheasant feathers
  • Great interactive cat toy