Go Cat Da Fish Teaser Wand

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The Go Cat Teaser Da Fish wand has a flexible wire with a sisal fish at the end. Your feline friend will have loads of fun trying to catch that fish as it is flipping, skidding, and flopping to get away. Be sure to buy refill bees, mice, and fish too! Once your kitty gets it, they don't want to let it go! Made in USA cat toy.
Fish design chosen at random.
  • Durable 12 inch acrylic glitter wand
  • Flexible and bouncy steel wire
  • Textured fish averages 2 1/2 inches in length
  • Made in the USA
  • More Information:
    "Our cats absolutely love all the Go Cat Cat Toys This gets all of my cats out from wherever they are lazily lounging. As soon as they hear the sound of this toy, my cats are ready to play! It doesn't matter if it is the Ostrich Tickler, Cat Tail, Kitty Broom or Sparkling Kitty Duster. They all love to play. It is easy to just sit and play, even while watching t.v.!" -Customer