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Elk Antlers for dogs : The longest lasting dog chew ever

Not all antlers for dogs are created equal. At Mickey's we only carry Grade A, naturally shed elk antlers for dogs and from the Rocky Mountains. Mickey's Pet Supplies has the freshest and most natural. Our Elk Antlers are the biggest cuts available.

These natural elk antler dog chews are a super source of natural glucosamine, chondroitin and calcium. These chews are nature's natural choice for a healthy, long lasting treat for your dog. If your dog is an aggressive chewer, we highly recommend that you give an antler chew a try. Our antler dog chews have the tasty, fresh marrow that dogs crave!

Did you know that these elk antlers are the one of the fastest growing tissue known to science? They grow about one half inch per day during the peak development time.

Elk shed their antlers once a year in the spring, so they are obtained naturally when the elk drop their sheds. Elk Antlers from Yellowstone are the longest lasting dog antler chew you will find!

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There are many advantages to using Mickey’s Pet Supplies antler chews:

-Our big antler cuts are perfect for large dogs who like to eat rather than chew smaller items
-They are one of the longest lasting chews on the market; your dog will consume them slowly
-Antler chews are nearly free of any odor or residue that can harm your furniture or carpets
-They are safe for dogs because of the long-lasting effect of the antler material
-Our chews occur naturally from shed elk antlers, and are a renewable resource
-They supply needed vitamins and minerals to your dog
-Antler chews will keep your dog occupied and away from your personal belongings

If you have a larger dog, you need a supply of Mickey’s Pet Supplies antler chews. Give your dog something to enjoy that is good for them and contains no artificial products or chemicals. Above is our wide selection of antler chew products, so pick out your favorites today!