Earth Rated Bio-degradable handle poop bags 120 ct - Lavender Scented

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Earth Rated Poop Bags 120 handle style bags are an affordable and bio-degradable handle poop bags. These are lavender scented extra-long 7 x 13 1/2 inches, so you or your sleeve will never make unwanted contact. These do not fit the poop bag dispenser. These dog waste-poop bags are naturally scented with lavender, so fresh-smelling, you will not mind holding on until you properly dispose of it. They are also great for sifting cat litter. They amazingly hold a lot. These are big enough for a Great Dane's pile. The biodegradable bags harmlessly dissolve in only 18 months.

Earth rated biodegradable poop bags
  • Biodegradable- Meets ASTM certification
  • Large enough for a Great Dane
  • Only a few cents per bag
  • 120 ct
  • Extra long handles
  • Lavender scent
  • Made in Canada
  • More Information:
    Earth Friendly dog waste bags- These biodegradable bags meet the eco-certification standard and are certified with the ASTM 5576 certificates. The bags are completely broken apart into natural CO2 and H20 within 18 months.