Jones Natural Chews - Cow Ears- Lamb Ears- Pig Ears- Cheeky Rolls

 Dog chews are a treat that almost any dog loves and owners should feel good about giving their pets. Mickey's selection of animal sourced dog chews help satisfy your dog's natural desire to chew, keeps them entertained and scrapes plaque and tartar buildup from their teeth. We feature different types of dog chews from various animals ranging from big dog bones to bully sticks, Elk antler chews, Beef tendons, Turkey tendons, Trachea and Marrow bones. A real bone, such as a marrow bone, will provide calcium and other nutrients for your pet.

At Mickey's you will find a great selection of dog chews including Marrow Bones, Beef Trachea, Beef Lung, Beef Liver, Beef Tripe, Duck Feet, Pig Ears, Lamb ears, Lamb weasand twists, Cow ears, Cow Hooves, Small, Medium, Large and Extra Large Meaty Round bones, Femur, Knuckle Bones and more

Choose from great Made in USA dog chews from Bravo, Farm Hounds, Jones Natural Chews, Redbarn, Superior Farms, Vital Essentials, Wholesome Hide and our own Mickey's Brand