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Vee Cat Wands- Go Cat Wands- Neko and Cat Wand Attachments

We have great cat wands for great interactive play. As cat owners and lovers of anything feline, we have done our research over the years to find the best wands. Newest is the Hyendry Baton cat wand. This is built to last as the folks at Hyendry are Savannah breeders. Of course, the most popular are the Go Cat Da Bird and Cat Catcher. Jackson Galaxy has used them in his kitty tool box.
The Vee Cat Wands are all made in USA with the highest quality materials. Their design has a flexible end that bends with your cat's play.
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Neko cat wands are so enticing and bring out your feline friends natural prey instinct with their popular bug like attachments like the Birbug, Kittycada, Katarantula, Foxifur and Kattipede.