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CBD Hemp Oil and Chews for Pets

We carry only the best brands of CBD Hemp Oil and Chews for your pets. We even have CBD Hemp infused peanut butter from Green Coast Pet. Their Lickables Actives peanut butter is a great way to give your dog the benefits of hemp.
Pet Releaf has their own PR33 strain of hemp grown specifically for pets in Colorado. It is USDA Certified Organic. Pet Releaf extracts their full spectrum organic CBD hemp oil using only super critical CO2 extraction. This is a fancy way of saying they use only pressurized air and extremely low temperatures to safely and effectively remove every beneficial cannabinoid found. Their CBD oil and chews are 3rd party lab tested for safety and their products are 100% guaranteed.

Treatibles was founded on the values of compassionate care, quality ingredients, reliable information and integrity. All Treatibles products are Compassion Certified® and proudly made in the USA. Treatibles are reliable and benefical bag to bag, capsule to capsule, bottle to bottle and application to application. The full spectrum hemp oil is third party lab tested for cannabinoid content and to rule out heavy metals, pesticides and biocontaminants. Additionally, final products are tested to ensure consistency and potency. Treatibles products are non-psychoactive, non-toxic and virtually free of THC. Lab tests are performed on every batch. Their chews are manufactured in Safe Quality Foods (SQF) certified facilities using GMPs (Good Manufacturing Practices). This ensures accurate dosing and product uniformity, which cannot be replicated in a commercial kitchen.
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HempVet Rewards Plus Calm Support chews for dogs HempVet Calm Support Soft Chews for Dogs
Retail Price: $15.99
Sale Price: $13.95
Pet Releaf Sweet Potato Pie CBD Hemp Oil Soft Chews For Dogs Pet Releaf Sweet Potato Pie CBD Infused Soft Chews For Dogs
Retail Price: $23.99
Sale Price: $19.97

Pet Releaf Edibites Blueberry Cranberry Large Breed Pet Releaf Edibites Blueberry Cranberry Large Breed
Retail Price: $27.99
Sale Price: $22.97
Pet Releaf Edibites Peanut Butter Banana Large Breed Pet Releaf Edibites Peanut Butter Banana Large Breed
Retail Price: $27.99
Sale Price: $22.97
Green Coast Pet Lickable Actives - PCR Hemp Green Coast Pet Lickable Actives - PCR Hemp
Retail Price: $18.95
Sale Price: $216.95
What To Know About CBD Oil For Your Dog What is CBD and will it make my dog high?
Cannibidiol (CBD) is a substance that is found in cannabis and hemp. Unlike its counterpart Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) which gives marijuana its psychoactive properties, CBD is not a psychoactive stimulus, rather, it provides your pet with a calming sensation and pain-relaxing sensations without harming them with potential intoxicating effects. You may be interested to know that both humans and dogs have the same endogenous cannabinoid system. CBD acts by targeting these receptors located in the brain, organs, central nervous system, and immune cells that stimulate relaxing effects. In short, your dog won’t get “high” from CBD oil.
  • What benefits does CBD have for my dog? The benefits of using CBD for your dog can be incredible!
  • Products containing this substance have opened up a whole new world for pet care and those who believe in natural remedies!
  • Anxiety-- Does your dog suffer from separation anxiety or noise phobias? If you have ever suffered from anxiety, then you know that it is awful, and it would be the same for your dog too. Many dogs suffer from anxiety and have been known to be depressed and extremely anxious in certain situations. This can result in destructive behaviors such as chewing objects, urinating, pacing, and more. CBD has been extensively studied for its effect on stress and anxiety.
  • Seizures and Epilepsy-- It is estimated that up to 5% of dogs suffer from seizures. Most dogs with seizures are put on drugs such as phenobarbital and potassium bromide. While they may help control the seizures, they can be extremely harmful to your dog’s liver and other organs. And the drugs don’t work in all cases. That is why many dog owners turn to CBD when their canine suffers from seizures and epilepsy. CBD has been shown to work well in drug-resistant epilepsy. In one study, 7 of 8 patients with epilepsy that were resistant to drugs saw a definite improvement within 4 to 5 months of taking CBD. High levers of CBD can manage your pet’s seizures, and over time, it has been known to reduce the frequency of them, and in some cases get rid of the seizures altogether.
  • Cancer-- Unfortunately, dogs can get cancer too, and when they do, they have symptoms of nausea, loss of appetite, and chronic pain. CBD allows your part to feel comfortable during those difficult times and helps to reduce the side effects that cancer can have on your dog. Pet owners are also giving their dogs small doses of CBD daily as it have been proven to aid in preventing and killing cancer by: Helping the immune system to kill cancer cells, Blocks the cancer cells ability to produce energy, and Contains anti-tumor properties. CBD can also help increase the efficacy of conventional cancer treatment.
  • Chronic Pain/Arthritis-- Even dogs can’t escape arthritis, but CBD can help with that. The cannabinoids in CBD work so well for pain that scientists are considering it as a new class of drug for the treatment of chronic pain. Arthritis is the inflammation of joints that case aching, pain, and other degenerative illnesses. As CBD is a pain reliever, it targets these aching joints and gives your dog relief. Not only that, but it soothes the chronic inflammation that prevents your pet from healing properly.
  • Boost Appetite By Decreasing Nausea-- When a dog loses their appetite, it can be hard to know the reason why. Majority of the time, however, they lose it due to nausea. As a human, we won’t eat when we feel like that unless we take something to alleviate the digestive issue and receive pain relief. CBD can do this for your pet. The National Cancer Institute reports that CBD increases appetite and carries this extra benefit, in addition to controlling cancer. In animal studies, CBD has also been shown to help with vomiting and nausea, even when they’re the result of toxins and drugs.
  • Inflammatory Bowel Disease-- Animal studies show that CBD can prevent colitis (IBD) and restore normal gut motility in inflammatory bowl disease. CBD also has antibiotic properties, including Staphylococcus Aureus (MRSA). Chronic Inflammation and Autoimmune Disease CBD has been shown to decrease the production and release of inflammatory cytokins that can cause allergies, hypersensitivities and autoimmunity.
  • Autoimmune Diseases--It can also suppress something called Th17 dominance, which is a major cause of autoimmune disease. CBD also inhibits the production of inflammatory macrophages and decreases chronic inflammation. On top of all that, CBD is also a powerful antioxidant that’s shown to be more powerful than vitamins C and E.
  • Cardiovascular Health--Just as veterinarian Dr. Bassinthwaighte discovered, CBD has been linked to heart health. Studies show it can reduce the damage from damaged blood vessels and irregular heart rates, protect blood vessels from damage and dilate the arteries, and reduce heart rate and blood pressure associated with stress and anxiety.
  • Neurodegenerative Diseases-- For dogs suffering from degenerative myelopathy and other spine and nerve issues, CBD shows a lot of promise. It’s been shown to help patients with Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS), Alzheimer’s, and Parkinson’s disease by protecting the brain cells from toxicity. For senior dogs, CBD has been shown to protect the brain from cell death caused by free radicals and toxins.