Wholesome Hide Retriever Roll Rawhide 8-10" SUPER-THICK - GRADE B

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These Wholesome Hide Rawhide Super Thick Retriever Rolls didn't quite meet the standards of being a true sized Super Thick and are a bit smaller/shorter than the usual 10" Super Thick retriever rolls, as well as the hide being a bit thinner.
They are approximately 8-10" long and 1.5-2" wide.
Sourced and made in USA.
Note: Because they are hand rolled and may come from different breeds of cattle they will vary in thickness, texture and color.

Wholesome Hide Retriever Rolls Super Thick - GRADE B

  • Sourced and made in USA from the highest quality USA Beef Hide
  • Contains the Collagen Flavor Layer missing from other chews
  • Natural processing means no potentially harmful chemical residue
  • Give your dog a rawhide chew that is safe and natural.
  • The flavor and quality of Wholesome Hide rawhide chews come from 100% natural processing
  • Made without the chemicals that other companies use.
  • Hand tied and 100% natural Fully sourced and manufactured in the USA
More Information:
These dog chews are more flavorful and are safe because there are no chemicals added and sourced from here in the USA from 100% US beef hide.