Tasman's Natural Pet Chicken On Hide Bison Rawhide Rolls Med

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How do you make Nature's Best Rawhide Better?   Add Chicken!

At Tasman's Natural Pet, we've taken our unique Bison Rawhide Chews and added USA Raised Chicken at a USDA facility to create THE Alternative to Traditional Rawhide Chews!

These 3 Medium rolls are 6"-7" in Length and are flavored with Antibiotic Free Chicken.

  • No hormons, No Antibiotics
  • Made from American Bison
  • USA Sourced Chicken


Note: We recommend choosing On-Hide Chews that are larger than your dog's mouth and cannot be swallowed whole. Of course, that's only a sizing suggestion, and as all dogs are different, please know your dog and their chewing style before giving On-Hide or any chew. Always supervise your dog with any chew and make sure to provide plenty of fresh, clean water.