Frankly Pet Collagen 9-10 inch Bacon in a Blanket Retriever Roll

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Frankly Pet USA Collagen Bacon in Blanket 9-10 inch- Tasty collagen with pork hide rolled in the middle. These retriever rolls are substantial and long lasting and made from USDA certified beef. Made from 100% collagen with 85% protein for a long lasting chew. Individually wrapped. (These are similar to the previous Wholesome Hide 9-10" bacon in a blanket roll)
Sourced and Made in USA.

  • Sourced from USDA cattle born and raised in the USA
  • Traceable to it's source
  • Chemical free 
  • Food safety certified
  • Processed and packaged in Wisconsin by a family owned business

Here are the top benefits of Collagen:

  • Promotes a healthy coat and skin. Collagen is a way to encourage the quality of your dog’s hair and skin. 70% of the protein in your dog’s skin is collagen. It is responsible for providing a healthy, moisturized dermis, strong powerful nails that do not split or crumble.
  • It improves age related joint pain. Age related joint and soft tissue pain is something that most dogs will experience to some extent as they navigate their senior years.  ollagen loss in the joints that occurs during aging plays a major role in arthritis, degenerative disc disease and tendonitis.
  • It stabilizes joints and prevents injuries. Collagen is literally a building block of your pet’s bones, joints, connective tissue and blood vessels.  It is a great way to encourage the health of all these vital structural components of your dog’s body.
  • It Aids in Digestion. Collagen aids in the digestion by breaking down proteins and soothing the lining of the gut.  It “seals and heals” the protective lining of the gastrointestinal tract by helping to form connective tissue and infusing the whole system with healing amino acids.