Floating Dog Toys Perfect for the Water

If your dog enjoys swimming and playing in the water but their dog toys are frequently lost and destroyed, Mickey’s Pet Supplies has a large selection of floating dog toys that are perfect for aquatic play. Each of the water toys for dogs is made of floating materials, including neoprene, durable canvas. rubber, Zogoflex by West Paw Design and strong nylon material, that will not sink to the bottom a lake, pool or ocean. Floating dog toys come in a variety of sizes, shapes and playful characters to appeal to all breeds and dog personalities. Aqua pet toys use bright colors that are easily seen in the water and make excellent retrieval training toys. Tuffy’s water toys for dogs come in a variety of sea creature themes that are machine washable or can be air-dried when wet. These pool toys for dogs are specially designed with high-contrast color patterns to help your dog track when in motion and is made of a floating, puncture healing everchew material. Browse our floating water toys for dogs that provide hours of entertainment and activity for your pup around the water!