Doc & Phoebe's The Hunting Snacker

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Individually packaged mouse snacker. Now cats can hunt, catch and play for their food.
The Hunting Snacker is the fun and easy way to eliminate common bad behaviors in cats. Manage scarf and barf, alleviate anxiety and destructive behavior, and prevent litter box issues, with this veterinarian designed feeder.
Doc & Phoebe's The Hunting Snacker

  • Award winning veterinarian design
  • Prevent boredom and help your cat maintiain a healthy weight
  • The bowl-free hunting feeder is designed for your cat's health and happiness.
  • All materials are designed with your animal's safety in mind and are easy to clean.
  • Hand wash only
How does The Hunting Snacker Work?
  • First time? Remove the mouse skin and put the treats directly into the skin for your cat to play with and eat.
  • Then, put the skin back onto the plastic feeder. Put the treats into the Snacker, with the dispensing hole wide open, to give your cat the high reward while they are learning. As your cat learns, adjust the opening to increase the challenge.
  • Is your cat an expert? Hide the Snacker around the house to add to the fun!