End Dog Boredom With Nina Ottosson Dog Puzzle Toys

Whether your dog is an "Einstein" or just not that bright, the Nina Ottosson dog puzzle toys will stimulate your dog's brain. Each dog puzzle toy has a unique design and mechanism that will challenge your dog's mental and physical abilities.
Dogs must work through each of the challenges to reveal the hidden reward-dog treat. Each toy is unique and can be set to different levels of ability for all sizes, ages and breeds of dogs. These toys are tough, hard working and are dishwasher safe.
Let's start with the easiest of the Nina Ottosson dog games- The Dog Brick. The Dog Brick is for skill level-beginner. You start by hiding delicious dog treats under the plastic bone shaped cups. You may start by putting them up at a slight angle or across the indentation to allow the dog to smell and see that there are treats beneath. You can put treats under just one of the bones, some or all of the bone shaped cups. By moving the location of the treat, you can really work your pup to search and locate the treat by smell. Next, in the line-up is the Dog Spinny. This is another basic skill level dog puzzle toy. This toy has only one single removable bone that must be dislodged by your dog. By removing the bone with his paw or mouth, he can then rotate the disk to seek out the dog treats hidden in the compartments below. You can start to move the disk to show him how it is done and he'll get the idea quickly. Gradually reduce the number of treats to encourage him to work harder.

Dog Brick's skill level is rated medium. Your dog must move the sliding bone shaped bricks to discover the treats below. This game comes with 4 plastic bone cups and you can start easy by placing the cups sideways over the treat spot holes. Gradually, introduce your dog to then remove that cup and now sniff and learn to slide the other treat covers to access his rewards.

Hardest on the skill level is the Dog Tornado. This puzzle toy works by having your pup dislodge the plastic bones and then turn the revolving sections to reveal his treats. Of course, with your help, he will quickly learn how to rotate the disks in order to get to the treats below.

We love all of the Nina Ottosson toys, especially during winter. When it's cold and windy and you don't want to venture outside, just bring out your puzzle toys and watch your dog smile. What pup can't resist a great treat and some one on one time with you.

Some of the best tips for interactive play with these toys is to have a controlled session. You should use a light-weight lead when first introducing your dog to these games for controlled play. Keep your play times short and end on a positive note. Don't use excessive treats. Teach your dog to learn and earn their reward. You can even use some of your dog's dry food as treats.

Mickey's Pet Supplies highly recommends the Nina Ottosson dog puzzle toys for any size dog. We have seen the tiniest teacup dog have hours of fun with these toys. We love them because they are so easy to clean. When done playing, simply put them in your top rack of the dishwasher.

So, end dog boredom and get out the puzzle toys. They will surely be your best friend's favorite activity.

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