Wholesome Hide SUPER THICK Retriever Roll 10" pack of 10

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This is an awesome value pack of 10 Wholesome Hide rawhides 10 inch Super Thick Retriever Rolls. These made in USA rawhide chews are made in double layer so your aggressive chewing dog can enjoy a good chewing experience. Recommended for big dogs that love to chew! Wholesome Hide uses thick, fresh hides that are sourced in the USA. Their unique way of processing allows them to keep the Collagen Flavor Layer for added health and flavor. Your dog will notice the difference. And you will know that you are providing a chew treat that is processed fresh and does not contain harsh, potentially dangerous chemicals. Certified Made in USA rawhides

Note: Because they are hand rolled and may come from different breeds of cattle they will vary in thickness, texture and color.
Wholesome Hide Rawhide Super Thick Retriever Roll 10 pack

  • Wholesome Hide is made in USA certified
  • These super-thick rawhide rolls are made from the highest quality USA Beef Hide
  • Contains the Collagen Flavor Layer missing from other chews
  • Natural processing means no potentially harmful chemical residue
  • Hand tied and 100% natural Fully sourced and manufactured in the USA
More Information:
Give your dog a rawhide chew that is safe and natural. The flavor and quality of Wholesome Hide rawhide chews come from 100% natural processing without the chemicals that other companies use.
These rawhides are more flavorful because the tasty collagen layer is still intact. They are safe because there are no chemicals added and sourced from here in the USA from 100% US beefhide