Wholesome Hide Chunkees with Sweet Potato 6 oz.

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Wholesome Hide Chunkees with sweet potatoes treat is made from ground rawhide (pressed) held together with natural collagen. This is a very good, low-calorie substitute for baked dog biscuits. They have a particular aroma that dogs simply cannot resist! Contains 10 pieces. These are a treat and not long lasting like a rawhide.
Sourced and Made in USA.

Wholesome Hide Rawhide Sweet Potato Chunkees
  • Made in USA rawhide
  • Low in calories
  • No preservatives, fillers or artificial ingredients
  • Enriched with sweet potatoes high in Beta Carotene
  • More Information:
    Give your dog a rawhide chew that is safe and natural. The flavor and quality of Wholesome Hide rawhide chews come from 100% natural processing without the chemicals that other companies use.
    These rawhides are more flavorful and are safe because there are no chemicals added and sourced from here in the USA from 100% US beefhide