The Tick Key

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There are a number of different types of tick found in the USA including the Wood tick, Dog tick, Relapsing fever tick, Pajaroello tick, Deer tick, Black-legged tick and the Lone star tick. The Tick Key is the easiest-to-use tick removal device on earth! With the Tick Key you remove the tick without leaving the mouth-parts of the tick implanted in the skin, without compressing the abdomen of the tick, minimizing the transfer of Lyme disease. This tool removes ticks in seconds. The flat shape is easy to store or carry. Keep one on your keychain, dog's collar or leash, in your wallet, toolbox, anywhere! Made in USA. Color chosen at random.
The Tick Key
  • Removes ticks from the skin of dogs, cats, horses, and people
  • Completely removes the entire head of the tick without squeezing abdomen, reducing risk of infection
  • Minimizes the transfer of infectious agents like Lyme Disease
  • Made of high-strength anodized aluminum.
  • Durable and easy to keep clean with alcohol
  • Made in USA
  • More Information:

    The Tick Key is the safest and easiest way to remove ticks from humans and pets. You will want to keep a few handy. Put one in your car too. When you go hiking with your dog there is always the chance that you or your pet will pick a tick. Ticks are carriers of Lyme Disease and other pathogens. You need to get the tick off before it is in for long. We have all tried to pull a tick out with tweasers only to find that you left some of the tick in the skin.

    With the tick twister tool you can easily get the tick out without leaving any parts behind.
    If you live, work or play in any area where ticks live, you could be at risk for contracting diseases such as Lyme Disease. Cases of Lyme disease have been reported by nearly every state in the United States, but the disease is concentrated in the east coastal states, the north central states, and northern California. Connecticut, Rhode Island, New York, New Jersey, Delaware, Pennsylvania, Maryland, and Wisconsin account for about 90% of all cases. Hunting, fishing, camping, hiking, playing outdoor sports, and gardening could bring you, your family and/or your pets in contact with ticks.