Hypoallergenic Dog Snacks & Natural Dog Biscuits

Hypoallergenic dog snacks and natural dog biscuits allow pets with food allergies and food intolerance's to safely snack. Just like humans, dogs can be genetically predisposed to certain food allergies which may cause an upset digestive system, ear inflammation and itchy skin. Mickey’s stocks a full line of hypoallergenic dog snacks made in the USA from human quality ingredients. Browse our healthy dog treats and chews made from novel, antibiotic free proteins such as lamb, duck, venison and buffalo. For dogs with a grain intolerance or allergies we recommend our grain free dog treats.

Each product description contains additional details on the ingredients and manufacturing processes of each natural dog biscuit or you can search “grain free” in Mickey’s search bar. If your dog is suffering from allergies, identify the cause by replacing their dog treats with single source, one ingredient treats.