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Choose to send a Gift Certificate by E-mail.  Your shopping worries are over.  Let your friends shop online and choose their dog and cat toys that they love.  They also can be printed for you and included in your order.  You can make them for any amount of your choosing.  Simply enter the amount you would like in the box.  We are happy to put them in a Holiday Card also for you and mail them as a gift for you at no charge.
Available in $15 to $500 value.
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Mickey's Pet Supplies Gift Certificate Gift Certificate

Choose a gift certificate for any value from $15 to $500. These gift certificates can be sent by e-mail or we can mail a special card with your message. Let your friends choose their cat and dog toys.
This way they will be sure to love your gift! This is a great way to give a gift to your dog sitter, friends and relatives.