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  • What to do when bringing home a new kitten

    What To Do When Bringing Home A New Kitten
    So you have found the most adorable kitten and want to know what do I need?
    1. Litter box and cat litter
    2. Food and water bowls
    3. kitten food
    4. kitten toys
    5. Veterinarian
    6. Introducing new kitten to children or other pets 
    First and foremost, you will need to put in some due diligence as you prepare your home for the new family member.
    It is a good idea to have your kittens litter box in the appropiate place before brining her home and you will want to have a specific spot for the litter box pre-arranged. It should be in a quiet area of your home. It should not be in a noisy laundry room or by a furnace that makes noise. Cats like their privacy, but don't want continual noise. Your litter box should not be too tall for your kitten to get in and out of. Start with the smaller, more basic one. As your kitten gets older and bigger, you can move up to the larger size. You should pick a type of litter that you feel comfortable with. Today, most people like the ease of a clumping litter, but do not use the scented litter. Cats normally prefer very fine-grained litter. Think of what cats in the wild do. They do their business in the sand. With clumping cat litter, it is easy to scoop out the urine or feces and discard. Note: Do not throw any cat litter in a toilet. It will quickly form a block in your sewer system. Instead, have a small inexpensive trash container with a liner near your box and simply put it in there. I use the diaper disposal bags from the dollar store. I simply put them by my scooper and trashcan. I scoop out the soiled litter and put it into the bag, tie it up and then put in the trash. 
    Choosing your food and water bowls. It is best to buy a set of ceramic or stainless steel bowls. Start with the smaller ones. Make sure that your kitten has a specific place to be fed and drink water in your home. Again, privacy is best. Make sure you clean the food bowl once a day and fill the water bowl with fresh water daily. You may want to purchase a Drinkwell pet fountain to provide continual fresh water. 
    There are many brands of kitten food on the market. Make sure that you buy kitten food and not cat food. Your veterinarian can tell you how much you should be feeding and what type of food. They will be happy calculate the exact amount of food to feed. Make sure your kitten food has a high ratio of protein in it's ingredient list. It should be at least 9-10% protein.  
    Toys for a new kitten are like buying toys for a baby. Kittens need toys that are safe. Do not give them a toy with a bell or anything that can be pulled off and swallowed. They like things they can chase. I highly recommend that any cat toy is only out when actively playing with your kitten. That way you will never risk the kitten swallowing anything harmful. Always supervise play with children and a new kitten. You can buy a pull and chase toy like the Smarty Kat Feather Frolic. This is a great interactive toy to help hone your cats hunting insticts. Anything that you can pull and the kitten can chase is great. 
    Do your research before choosing your veterinarian. Talk to friends and see who they recommend. Remember a veterinary clinic that has multiple vets on staff can be the best choice. Also, ask what hours they are open. My veterinary clinic is open every day. Ask if they also have all the equipment and area for immediate care. Find out where the nearest immediate care veterinary facility is also. Have that and your veterinarian's phone numbers on the refrigerator and programmed in your cell phones. 
    I have found patience is the key to introducing a new kitten to it's new surroundings. It is necessary that you ease the kitten through this adjustment period, especially when there are young children around, as well as other pets. In addition to supervising your children when they are playing with the new kitten, you should teach them how to handle the kitten with the utmost care and respect. If you have other pets in the house you will need to separate your kitten and introduce her slowly. If you have cats living with you already, you will have to put the new kitten in a room with a door. Let your other cats sniff under the door and play with her paws. Do this for at least 24 hours before letting your existing cats see the new kitten. The same thing should happen if you have a dog in the house. Let your dog smell the kitten from under a door for at least 24 hours before allowing them to see or interact with each other.
    Remember the kitten is the stranger in the house to your other pets. Let your other pets gradually welcome her.
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    Best Cat Toys For Interactive Play
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Rainbow Foam Cat ball toy Rainbow Foam Cat Ball Toy

Rainbow Foam Cat Toy ball is a great, small ball that is light and easy to grab, push, bat and carry. Size of a ping pong ball. Also makes a great toy for small dogs. Imported.
You receive 1 ball.

Retail Price: $0.79
Boca Glitter Pom USA Cat Toy Boca Glitter Pom Medium USA Cat Toy

Boca Glitter Pom Cat Toy is a 1.5 inch ball that is spongy with glitter pieces surrounding it. Your cat will love batting and chasing this ball around.

Retail Price: $0.89

Our Pet's Go Cat Go Crinkle Ball Large Cat Toy Our Pet's Go Cat Go Crinkle Ball Large Cat Toy

Go!Cat!Go! Large Mylar Crinkle Ball is so crinkly and enticing for your cat! Your cat will love it! Amazing Pet crinkle ball is a great activity toy for your new cat or kitten. It has a crinkle sound just like a mouse walking through leaves. The crinkle sound drives cats crazy, and they must have it! Measures 2.5 inches round. Sold as 1 each.

Retail Price: $1.29
Sale Price: $1.19
Spot Cat Prancer Cat Toy Spot Cat Prancer Cat Toy

Your cat will flip over the Spot Cat Prancer cat toy. This classic cat teaser wand is even better with nearly invisible steel wire that makes the dangling toy imitate a flying insect. Imported.

Retail Price: $2.69

Spot Holiday Cat Prancer Cat Toy Spot Holiday Cat Prancer Cat Toy

Your cat will flip over the enticing Holiday Spot Cat Prancer cat toy. This cat teaser wand is even better with nearly invisible steel wire that is 44" long and has red and green ribbon strands with a bell. Imported.

Retail Price: $2.99
Petlinks HyperNip Wild Wooly Long Tailed Mouse Petlinks HyperNip Wild Wooly Long Tailed Mouse

Turn playtime into chase time for your hyper kitty with the Petlinks HyperNip Wild Wooly Long Tailed Mouse Cat Toy. This adorable wooly toy is filled with hypernip to stimulate your cat’s natural hunting instincts and get even finicky felines engaged. Approx. 1.377 x 2.36 x 10.23 inches. Imported.

Retail Price: $5.99
Sale Price: $4.95
Bavarian Cat Toy Mouse with Santa Hat Bavarian Cat Toy Mouse with Santa Hat

Europe's hottest selling cat toys are finally available in North America! Cats cannot resist the strong smell of fresh, Bavarian grown catnip making them want to nuzzle and play. The Mouse with Santa Hat Cat Toy by Bavarian will fill your cats life with joy this Holiday season. It is also filled with the highest quality of German Valerian root and Spelt. Made in Germany. 5" x 2.5" x 2.5"

Retail Price: $6.49
Spot Holiday Cat Stocking with 8 cat toys Spot Holiday Cat Stocking with 8 cat toys

Spot Holiday Cat Stocking with 8 cat toys. Included is a cute santa with a bell, lattice bell ball, chenille ball, wool pom ball, red and green plastic ball, catnip mouse, catnip plaid pillow and red and white twisty toy.  Imported.

Retail Price: $6.97

Diggin' Your Dog Firm Up! Pumpkin Super Dog & Cat Supplement Diggin' Your Dog Firm Up! Pumpkin Super Dog & Cat Supplement

Diggin' Your Dog Firm Up! Pumpkin Super Dog & Cat Supplement quickly and effectively supports and maintains proper digestion and normal bowel function in pets. It’s a great supplement to use when transitioning to a new or different food, or just for pets with naturally loose stool. Fiber contained in this supplement helps digestion and makes the switch much easier on your pet’s digestive tract. This supplement also helps regulate overall bowel function for less mess and easier cleanup. Hand packed with love in BPA-Free bags. Made in USA. 4oz bag.

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