Finding the Right Rawhide Chew for your Dog

When your dog craves something to chew, you prefer they not go after your favorite pair of shoes. You also don’t want to give your dog a chew that could result in an injury. Some chews out there which aren’t the best choice include plastics, chews which are brittle and can create sharp pieces, chews that are too hard resulting in tooth damage, and chews which are too small causing them to be swallowed rather than chewed.

wholesome hide

Rawhide chews can be a good choice, because they have the right texture, can’t be broken into small pieces, and will get softer as the dog chews them. The problem is that rawhide is a by­product of leather tanning, not the beef industry. Since very little tanning is still performed in the United States, many beef hides are sent to Mexico or all the way to China to be tanned and processed into different products. As an organic material, bacteria are attracted to hides so processors must use a variety of chemicals to arrest rot and make the products look good when shipped back to the US. Doesn’t sound very appetizing, does it?

This is why “made in the US” is a good thing when buying rawhide chews for your dog. Mickey’s Pet Supplies offers Wholesome Hide Rawhide Chews, and they are US­made from US cows. Our rawhide chews are made in Chicago from US cattle. Wholesome Hide is a made in USA certified company, meaning their rawhides have been verified and traceable as totally USA. Wholesome Hide uses continuous sheets of rawhide rather than pressing scraps together. This is safer for your dog because those small pieces are a choking hazard. Wholesome Hide also doesn’t use harsh chemicals or whitening agents to make their rawhide chews look pretty. Their dog chews are a natural product and therefore will vary in color and thickness as a natural chew should.

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