Best Elk Antlers Chews for Your Large Dog

Antlers are not only a great chew for a dog, they are also a nutritious one. Chews made from antlers are a natural source of glucosamine, chondroitin, and calcium. They are found in nature when Elk shed their antlers each year in the spring. Therefore, your dog is getting a natural and renewable source of needed vitamins and minerals.

elk antlers for dogs

Mickey’s Pet Supplies only uses Elk antlers from the Rocky Mountains in the United States. Elk antler chews are one of the longest lasting chews for your dog. If your dog eats a lot of chews, or has a habit of chewing on things they shouldn’t, try our antler chews from Mickey’s Pet Supplies.

Elk antlers are one of the fastest growing tissues known in nature. Elk grow them every year at a rate of up to one-half inch per day during the spring mating season. When we obtain the antlers for our chews, they still contain the central marrow that dogs love, and we are sure your dog will love them too.

Here’s what you need to know about Mickey’s Pet Supplies antler chews:

  • They are a pure natural product coming from a renewable resource
  • They hold up much longer than other kinds of chews
  • They are safer for larger dogs because they are consumed slowly and not eaten immediately
  • They have almost no odor or residue to damage your furniture or carpets

Mickey’s Pet Supplies has a wide range of dog chews for all sizes of dogs in addition to our antler chews. Visit our dog chew page at and pick out your favorites to keep your dogs happy and occupied. A good chew can prevent damage to your personal items, so get your antler chews and other products from Mickey’s Pet Supplies.

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