Wholesome Hide Rawhide Dog Chews—Made ALWAYS and ONLY in the USA!

Rawhide dog chews are a delicious and popular treat that your four-legged friend will be sure to love. Natural rawhide chews are not only enjoyable for your dog, but they also promote your dog's natural chewing instinct and can help reduce stress and clean plaque and tartar from a dog's mouth. This healthy and tasty treat can contribute to better overall health for your pup. In addition, Wholesome Hide Rawhide Dog Chews, a popular dog chew brand, is made always and only in the United States.

wholesome hideWholesome Hide is the only rawhide company who has been independently certified to be 100 percent made and sourced in the United States. All of the company's products, including their rawhide dog chew treats, are sold through small to medium sized specialty pet and feed stores. Select grocers and several online stores who carry quality pet products also carry Wholesome Hide rawhide dog chews. The company has been creating rawhide treats for almost 30 years and are experts in the field.

Wholesome Hide rawhide dog chews are made in Chicago from beef cows raised in the U.S. As opposed to other rawhide dog chews that are made from smaller scraps, Wholesome Hide uses continuous sheets of rawhide for top quality. The company also refuses to treat their dog chews with artificial whiteners or harsh chemical solvents, allowing these products to be healthier and last longer. Wholesome Hide rawhide dog chews also have a tasty collagen layer that stays intact for longer periods of time, which is more flavorful for your dog.

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