Choosing the right Elk Antler Dog Chew for your dog

Mickey's carries only Grade A Elk Antlers from fresh sheds, meaning dog's will love the taste of the fresh marrow. Our antlers come straight from Yellowstone from hand gathered sheds in early spring.

elk antlers for dogsGrade A Elk Antler chews makeup only 10-15% of antlers gathered. These chews will be the freshest and contain the highest amounts of minerals and moisture. These Grade A chews will be more expensive than the grades B, C and D that other companies sell for that reason.

Grade A chews have the most aroma (undetected by humans), but intensely attractive to your canine companion. Elk shed their antlers in March and April when their testosterone levels are lowest, causing the bone connected to the base of the antler to deteriorate causing it to fall off.

Why elk antlers are so good for your dog?

Elk antlers are actually less dense than other antler chews making them better as there is less risk of tooth fractures than from deer or moose antlers.

Here are some Facts about our Grade A Elk Antlers:

  • Elk antlers are made of bone so they are rich in calcium, phosphorus, magnesium and collagen.
  • They do not splinter.
  • They are a great way for dogs to exercise their need to chew.
  • Elk antlers are a long lasting chew.

As with any dog chew, please make sure to supervise at all times and to provide plenty of fresh water. For more information on our Grade A Elk Antlers or any other products that we carry here at Mickey's Pet Supplies feel free to call 877-863-5431 or shoot us an email at!

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