Finding The Best dog training supplies

Getting a dog home is easy, but training him is a bit difficult. You might need the help of a professional dog trainer or the best dog training aids available to make training your dog less troublesome. To get your dog best trained you need to know which pet training supplies are more beneficial for your dog.

You need to be very careful while training your dog so that you don't get into trouble and put your pet friend at risk. Choosing the right dog training aids will help you through the training process of your pet friend. You can opt from variety of options available around you but which one will be the best for the training is the main concern.

Mickey's Pet Supplies can help you in the training process by its best dog training aids and pet training supplies. One of the most important training tricks used by most of professional in dog training is Clicker training. Star Mark clicker would be the best choice for your clicker. It's easy to hold in your hand with its ergonomic design with an easy to find and press raised button. The stainless steel clicker element will not rust and can be attached to a keychain or lanyard.

Through clicker training you can train your dog basic manners and tricks such as come, sit, go and bark. Your dog will do the actions once you click the clicker. It will be a sign for the dog to perform asked action.

You also need to get your dog treats ready for every action he will perform for you during training process. Kyjen Dog Games Treat Training Tube Fetch & Training Device Dog Toy works on the same principle of giving your dog treat on the action he performs for you. You dog will love this toy and will do all the actions you want him to during training. You just need to fill the tube with your dog's favorite food. He can smell his treat and will follow all your orders to get it. This is the ultimate fetching toy. Your dog must bring the tube back and release it to you in order to receive the treats inside. The controlled reward teaches any dog to release the tube without a struggle, instead of having a tug-o-war struggle. This dog toy is also great for teaching scent work.

If your dog is behaving in a unwanted manner then the best tool to get your pet's behavior corrected is the Pet Corrector Training Spray. This spray will make a hissing sound by emitting an inert gas and warn them away from doing whatever they are doing. It stops barking, jumping and aggression in pets. The sound that this spray makes is a sound similar to what geese or snakes would make to ward off predators. The Pet Corrector spray was developed by Dr. Robert Mugford, a leading animal behaviorist. Instructions are included to insure safe operation and use.

ECO Easy Walk Harness & Leash is the most recommended leash by Professional Dog Trainers among all available pet training supplies. This harness is easy to fit and use. The Eco Easy Walk Harness forwards pressure through a front leash attachment that tightens slightly across the chest and shoulder blades when your dog tries to pull forward. This is a harness that your dog can feel comfortable in, ending the pull on their neck.
Besides being a great harness by Premier, the ECO easy walk harness is good for our environment. It is made of recycled plastic bottles and the packaging is made of recycled paper.

You will find all the great aids for training your dog and only all natural dog treats at Mickey's Pet Supplies for less, including products that are eco-friendly.

Mickey's Pet Supplies specializes in All Natural, Organic, Holistic, Eco-Friendly pet supplies for cats and dogs A family owned store where their customer and their pets needs are their number one priority. This online discount pet supplies store only carries the highest quality products from top names. Most of their products are made in the USA. They believe that your pet is a part of your family and they deserve the best.

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