Potty training new puppy
Potty training new puppy

One of the first things you do with a new puppy is get your new puppy potty trained.
Thankfully, potty training your puppy doesn't have to be that hard.
First, you need to understand that puppies are like babies and they simply make mistakes because they don't know better and can't understand their urges. Your puppy doesn't mean to ruin your good carpet; he simply doesn't know that he has to go potty. Puppies ability to feel the urge to go potty develops as they age, much like children.
You can help your puppy potty train faster by developing a schedule for your puppy to follow. Take the puppy out to go potty at the same times every day to allow the puppy to become accustomed to a schedule. Especially if you are not always home during the day, you can expect there to be accidents while your puppy is potty training. You can help minimize the mess by putting down newspapers for the puppy to relieve himself on or puppy training pads, but it will take additional training for the puppy to know this is for emergencies. When accidents happen, don't get angry - just clean up and disinfect the area.
You can learn to notice some of the signs that your puppy needs to be taken out for a potty trip. When you see your puppy acting in a certain way, it may be time to take them out to relieve themselves. Puppies usually pee or poop 15 minutes after drinking water or eating, so you already have a pretty good idea of when to get your puppy to a place where he can properly do his business. Luckily, puppies send out unmistakable signals when they are about to pee. When you see these signs scoop him up and take him out.
Here are some signs that when puppies needs to go potty:
* Circling a place over and over while sniffing and arching their back
* Showing Restlessness
* Sniffing at a spot they had previously soiled
* Puppy is Whimpering and wining
* Puppy is distracted from play
Puppies are all different, you will soon learn to recognize the signs in your puppy. When puppies start to show any of the signals it is time to take them out for a walk and direct them to go in the place you want them to use.
You can help your puppy get used to doing his business on a set time of the day by keeping a regular training schedule yourself. You can take him out right after he takes his breakfast, lunch, or dinner, or right after his nap. You can also use this time to do a little bit of brisk walking, that way both you and your dog get to do a bit of exercise at the same time.
When your puppy does good, remember to praise him. Praise displays to the puppy that they have done the right thing and will make them happy to do it again to seek more praise. Be consistent and patient with your new puppy. Do not punish your puppy if he does poop or pee in the wrong place. He will associate that activity wish punishment and as something painful and unpleasant. With patience and time, your puppy will potty train and accidents will be a problem of the past.